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        LeadSolar Energy Co., Ltd

        LeadSolar Energy provides highly reliable and cost-effective smart solar technologies. Its grid-connected microinverters leverage modern-day communication technology to maximize the effectiveness of solar panels throughout changing weather and complex environmental conditions.

        Customers of different sizes from Fortune 500 companies to local installers have chosen Leadsolar microinverters for their commercial and residential solar projects. In the U.S., tens of thousands of Leadsolar Microinverters have been deployed every year including in many high profile projects such as the MGM Resorts rooftop project in Las Vegas, the largest rooftop solar project in the world etc. Driven to leave a greener planet for future generations, LeadSolar rigorously adheres to the highest quality standards in order to make lasting solar technology more attainable to all.

        Aug  2011


        LeadSolar Energy Established


        Oct  2012


        LS250 microinverter passed TUV test receives certification.


        Jun  2013


        LS250 delivered to customers around the world.


        LeadSolar begins shipping LS600 dual-input microinverters.


        Apr  2014


        LeadSolar begins shipping LS1400 quad-input microinverter .


        Jun  2016


        LeadSolar has supplied over 50MW of microinverters for both commercial and residential applications worldwide.



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